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Hakuhodo is an award-winning creative advertising agency in Malaysia, creating brand experiences through understanding people holistically.
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Privacy Policy

Hakuhodo Malaysia undertakes marketing, proposes solutions and develops and implements creative for its clients in order to increase their life value. The basis for all activities is Hakuhodo’s sei-katsu-sha insight and partnership corporate philosophies. In striving to consistently devise the best marketing proposals, we believe the most important consideration is to know sei-katsu-sha, or “living consumers,” deeply in order to respond to their needs. Thus sei-katsu-sha data is essential to our corporate activities. We have long recognized the importance to our corporate activities of managing personal data, one source of sei-katsu-sha data. With society’s recent interest in the protection of personal data, we have undertaken to clearly express our personal data handling policies internally and externally, and make a commitment to ensuring strict adherence to these policies by all executives and employees.

Basic policy on handling personal data
Hakuhodo Malaysia handles personal data that it collects independently; personal data provided by client companies, media companies and affiliated companies; and personal data about our executives and employees and those of our affiliated companies appropriately in line with applicable laws, industry standards and Hakuhodo Malaysia’s own internal regulations.

Personal data utilized by Hakuhodo

Hakuhodo Malaysia in principle utilizes statistically processed personal data. However from time to time, Hakuhodo Malaysia also utilizes data such as the following that could potentially identify individuals:

  • Data collected from questionnaire surveys, group interviews or other R&D and research activities that could potentially identify individuals.
  • Data collected from entrants in promotional campaigns consigned to Hakuhodo Malaysia by client companies or media owners that could potentially identify individuals.
  • Personal data from Internet-based membership organizations operated by Hakuhodo Malaysia.
  • Data otherwise collected in conducting our business that could potentially identify individuals.
  • Personal data about executives and employees of Hakuhodo Malaysia, our affiliates and companies that collaborate with Hakuhodo Malaysia.

Basic principles for personal data protection
Hakuhodo Malaysia has established and adheres to the following basic principles with regard to handling personal data.

  • Adherence to related laws and regulations
    Hakuhodo Malaysia observes all ordinances, regulations, agreements and internal regulations related to personal information.
  • Appropriate acquisition and utilization of personal data from individuals
    When acquiring personal information from individuals, Hakuhodo Malaysia first explains how the data will be utilized and whether the information may be provided to a third party, as well as how the data will be utilized in that case. Furthermore, should there be any change to the purpose of the data or the entities to which it may be provided, we inform the individual concerned. In case we do not obtain their agreement, utilization of the data is restricted to that which has been agreed to. We comply with all requests not to utilize any or all of the data. We also strive to maintain the accuracy of the data, and comply with all requests to disclose, amend or delete the data.
  • Confirmation of the appropriateness of personal data obtained in business dealings and its appropriate utilization and security control
    Hakuhodo Malaysia confirms how personal data from client companies or media owners obtained in conducting our business was collected and the scope of use consented to. We utilize the data appropriately in line with the requirements of the business affiliate and our own internal regulations.
  • Executive and employee education
    Hakuhodo Malaysia promotes appropriate utilization of personal data and adherence to all regulations and rules through regularly conducted educational programs for executives and employees that convey the importance of personal data protection, legal requirements, management systems, regulations for handling the data and measures in case of breach of regulations.
  • Establishment of data management systems
    To protect personal data, Hakuhodo Malaysia has defined internal management and responsibility systems, and selected staff responsible for the management of personal information.
  • Clarification of information handling
    Hakuhodo Malaysia has established regulations regarding the safe and appropriate handling of personal data including viewing, utilization, storage, destruction and return of such data, and abides by these through the offices of staff responsible for the management of personal information.
  • Measures against unauthorized access
    Hakuhodo Malaysia has built appropriate data systems, data management systems and other measures to prevent theft, loss, manipulation or destruction of personal data due to unauthorized access.
  • Ensuring safety of outsourced information processing
    When outsourcing personal data processing, Hakuhodo Malaysia selects contractors it has confirmed as able to ensure safe management of information in line with our regulations, and provides appropriate supervision of these contractors.
  • Establishment of immediate response system in case of problems
    In the unlikely event a problem arises, Hakuhodo Malaysia has established structures to quickly and accurately detect the problem, make appropriate decisions, and take appropriate action.

On-going improvement
Hakuhodo Malaysia makes efforts to constantly improve by monitoring personal information management and responding to changes in the external environment.